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Smoothing Shampoo

  • Arginine micro-balances moisture levels inside the hair.
  • Gently cleanses as it replenishes moisture and softens texture.

Styling Creme & Heat Protection

  • Styling Creme creates a hydrophobic barrier around the hair that repels dampness and humidity.
  • Iron Smoother protects against the hottest heat appliances - up to 230 degC(suitable for most ceramic irons).

Smoothing Conditioner

  • Optimises and locks in moisture.
  • Begins to lock out dampness and humidity.
  • Deep Moisture Masque is the answer for intense conditioning on very unruly, frizzy hair.

Water-free Lockdown & Scaling Serum

  • Water-Free Lockdown locks in smooth style for lasting frizz management.
  • Sealing Serum is a preventative and reparative treatment for controlling and reducing split ends with a high gloss finish.